Diabetes & Obesity

Obesity is well known to bring a person all sorts of problems but one of the most common issues associated with being overweight is diabetes.

It is possible that it could be type 1, but type 2 is more of a possibility because this can occur due to the improper control of blood sugar levels and an improper diet. 

Anyone with a BMI (body mass index) of 40 + are widely believed to be in the greatest factor.

Not everyone who is obese will develop type 2 diabetes but for those who could end up being affected, if the problem is not addressed quickly and a proper diet and regular exercise is introduced then diabetes could very well end up being the end result.

In the UK, there have been plenty of reports detailing links between diabetes and obesity and it doesn’t seem like this is something which is going to improve any time soon, but as mentioned above, there are ways of solving the problem.

Fact: Findings released by Diabetes UK do seem to mirror the thoughts of many others, that obesity is a big cause of cases developing. It said that anyone who is obese is around 80 times more likely to get type 2 diabetes, compared with a person that has maintained a healthy weight.

Links with Obesity

Some experts have suggested that there is no distinct link between people being obese and the development of type 2 diabetes, but then again, others state that anyone who is overweight has a greater chance of developing the condition.

It seems that until there is more evidence, there may be some people who will continue to argue that there is no pattern between those who are obese and cases of type 2 diabetes but a search on the internet did unveil a large number of reports from those looking into the matter of a link between diabetes and obesity.

There are more than 2.6 million diabetes sufferers in the UK at the present time, and according to GPs, 5.2 million are officially recognised as being obese. A key point that we all must be wondering is that, how many of the people listed as obese already suffer from type 2 diabetes?  

Fact: A report released by Diabetes UK indicated that in 2009 alone, there was an increase of 145,000 in diabetes related cases and it is believed that this could continue to rise again.  

Possible risk factors associated with Obesity

With any health related condition there are going to be specific groups of people who will be at greater risk of developing particular problems, and with type 2 diabetes this is no exception.

Anyone can go on to be affected by diabetes but these are a few of the definitive groups that are more likely to develop the condition:

  • There is a distinct history of diabetes in the family
  • A person that is obese (someone will come into this category when they have a BMI – Body Mass Index reading of anything between 35 and 40+

There are going to be other risk factors involved with diabetes but these are perhaps two of the most common reasons for certain people becoming a sufferer. If you come under one of these categories then it might be best to see your doctor, just to make sure that there isn’t a sign of diabetes.

What can I do to prevent the problem?

When it comes to diabetes and obesity most of you may be thinking that the only way to solve this is by losing weight. This is a main factor to consider before doing else but you may be surprised to know there are other options available which could be a long term solution to keep diabetes at bay.

  • Stomach stapling
  • Having a gastric band fitted

These may seem like drastic measures but they are effective ways of losing weight and some experts have indicated that they do in fact work at actively reducing blood sugar levels, and almost eradicating the risk of diabetes at the same time.

It is best to be honest and say that the options listed above should really be considered only as a last resort. Before doing this, it is ideal to think about two other easier and cheaper options – losing weight and partaking in physical exercise.

If you are unsure about how to get started on losing weight then your doctor or a qualified dietician will be able to make suggestions and come up with specific diet plans to kick start the process.

Top tip: Your doctor may consider recommending you for a stomach staple or gastric band but it is important to remember that this is usually only ever done after all other options have been exhausted. Try other methods first and see how they work for you.

Complications of Diabetes

There are a number of complications associated with type 1 and type 2 diabetes and that is why it is best to work at the preventing the condition developing in the first place.

These are just a few of the problems that are common with either form of diabetes:

·  Stroke

·  Kidney disease

·  High blood pressure

·  In severe cases, amputation of the feet or other lower limbs may be required but this is still quite uncommon

·  High levels of LDL (also known as bad cholesterol)

·  Problems involving circulation

Stopping Diabetes

For the past few years there are have been ongoing arguments about the links between diabetes and obesity and plenty of experts are saying that the only possible way to prevent the condition developing is by maintaining a healthy lifestyle, through a balanced diet and regular exercise.

Despite the uncertainty, it is definitely a distinct possibility that the two problems can be linked but then again, it could easily just be as likely that a history of diabetes in the family is another common cause. But either way, just to be on the safe side, a steady weight loss should help any issues arising in the future.

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