Diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction

Some people may be surprised to know this fact, but it is well reported that there is a distinct link between diabetes and erectile dysfunction (also referred to as impotence or ED) and one source suggests that this is something which can affect between 35% – 75% of men.

A vital fact to take into consideration is not every man with diabetes is going to end up with this problem, but as a person gets older, experts believe that the odds of this happening increase significantly.

There are so many points to consider when it comes to ED but the information contained within this article will cover everything anyone should need to know. This will include the links between diabetes and erectile dysfunction, as well as diagnosing the problem and the process of a physical examination.

It could be embarrassing but seeking help from a healthcare professional will mean that action can be taken to solve the issue.

How does diabetes lead to erectile dysfunction?

When it comes to diabetes and erectile dysfunction it can be difficult to establish exactly what can lead to this occurring, but for any man who has been diagnosed with either type 1 or type 2 diabetes, the chances of suffering from ED at some point in life are significantly increased.

It is essential to remember that not everyone with diabetes is going to end up with the problem but there is an increased risk and this is something that should be considered should the worst occur. Knowledge is going to be useful and taking appropriate action could mean that any damage or other effects are reduced.

The main cause of erectile dysfunction in men with diabetes tends to happen when there has been damage or a possible blockage to some of the blood vessels within the body. Managing blood sugar (glucose) levels is important but with improper management this is what can lead to damage occurring and yet, it is something which can easily be avoided.

Sometimes help or advice might be needed on how to cope with the handling of diabetes and any questions should be directed to a doctor who will be able to provide guidance and handy tips of dealing with the condition, whilst avoiding the possibility of any further complications.

Fact: Even though there is a distinct link between diabetes and erectile dysfunction, it is important to remember that some medications could be the cause, and not necessarily diabetes itself. Be sure to look at the possible side effects of any medicines currently being taken so that this could be ruled out as the culprit.

How is erectile dysfunction diagnosed?

When it comes to a person with diabetes, experts suggest that for anyone with the condition there is a greater chance of ending up with ED at some stage. With this in mind, it can make diagnosis a little bit easier.

It may be embarrassing but it is something which should not be ignored. Remember that this is a problem that occurs more often than some people would think and there are ways that the situation can be resolved.

If anyone is experiencing the problems associated with erectile dysfunction then it is recommended to get this diagnosed as soon as possible. At this stage, some may be wondering what the process would involve.

A visit to the doctor will usually involve an examination, as well as discussion on a few factors that could be the cause of erectile dysfunction and these might include:

  • For a person with diabetes, being able to control blood sugar levels effectively is vital and doing this will not only ensure good health, it can limit any damage to the blood vessels. Any interruptions to the amount of blood flow that occurs around the body is commonly associated with the presence of erectile dysfunction. This is where more advice may be given on how to deal with the management of glucose levels.
  • As mentioned above, there are some medications which may be a factor in men who go on to suffer from ED. Discussing this with a doctor will help establish if this is the cause, or if something else is contributing to the problem.
  • There may be times where health problems or medications are not the cause of the problem in men and if this is the case then looking at alternative sources of the issue is vital. Stress can affect people in different ways and in such a scenario, it is a distinct possibility.
  • Alcohol and smoking have been known to affect the body in different ways and knowing how many units of alcohol are consumed, as well as how many cigarettes are smoked is important.

These are just a few of the possibilities and it is important never to underestimate the affect this can have on a person. Always be sure to discuss all elements with a doctor as they will be able to look at ways of rectifying the issue as soon as possible.

Fact: When it comes to visiting a doctor, the questions that will almost certainly be asked may seem a bit personal but don’t get embarrassed. Be sure to answer these as honestly as possible because it will help get to the bottom of the problem and look at finding a way that will solve the issue.

What would a physical examination entail?

When it comes to establishing the cause of ED, a physical examination is just one of the essential stages, but knowing what this will include is ideal as a person will be prepared and well informed on what to expect.

During an examination, a doctor will check the genitals for any signs of abnormalities and there may be times where undiscovered conditions (like diabetes) could be the direct cause and this is when certain possibilities will be excluded.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions if there is any uncertainty about part of the process but the good news is, once the situation has been resolved, hopefully this will help in future and  prevent it happening again.

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